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by Andrew Dev

Hemorrhoids or piles come in two very distinct forms; internal and external. Most people who suffer from hemorrhoids will experience a combination of both forms. In both cases it is easiest to think of a hemorrhoid as a varicose vein of the anal region. Internal hemorrhoids lie inside the anus, whilst external have tend to protrude outside of the anus. When considering an herbal hemorrhoids treatment plan, it is important to note that you cannot treat the hemorrhoids whilst they are bleeding, you need to treat the bleeding first. It is obvious to tell when your external hemorrhoids are bleeding and if there is bright red blood covering your stool, your internal hemorrhoids will be bleeding.

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The best herbal hemorrhoids medication that you can use to stop the bleeding is a combination of one teaspoon of cayenne and two teaspoonfuls of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. When this herbal tonic is taken with every meal, bleeding of your hemorrhoids will quickly subside and you can begin treating the cause of your hemorrhoids. Before treating the cause, it is helpful to understand what caused the hemorrhoids in the first instance. The precise reason that hemorrhoids for is still unknown to this day, although researchers have identified some key factors that increase your risk of developing hemorrhoids and tend to make you hemorrhoids worse. These factors include (but are bot limited to):

Anything that increases pressure in the rectal area. (Even just simply standing up)

* Ageing
* Obesity
* Pregnancy
* Chronic constipation
* Insertion of foreign objects into the anus (this includes anal sex)
* Excessive use of laxatives
* Genetics (yes, you can even get them from your parents)

There are many hemorrhoids herbal treatment that have been proven to help relieve the symptoms of and to treat hemorrhoids. In the following paragraphs we will discuss those found to be most effective.

Hemorrhoid Symptom Relief

A warm bath for 15-20 minutes has been known to relieve the soreness associated with hemorrhoids, and a paste made from a mixture of heated lard combined with a teaspoon of calomel can be applied directly to the hemorrhoids to aid in continued relief. This paste can be substituted with a cool herbal compress of strong mullein, even plantain is very effective to help sooth and relieve the itching of haemorrhoids.

Haemorrhoids home treatment Cause Relief

Butcher's broom is a fantastic herbal hemorrhoid medication that can be used in a number of ways to combat hemorrhoids. The anti-inflammatory properties and ability to constrict blood cells makes it fantastic in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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Best of all, there are a variety of options for the use of butcher's broom. It can be taken orally as a tablet or as a tea and can be applied directly to the hemorrhoids as a lotion.

Taking 100mg of rutin in the morning and evening, combined with increasing your intake of vitamin E will also assist in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Horse Chestnuts, also known as buckeye have been used for centuries in both western and Asian medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids. They contain aescin which will help to increase the elasticity of and strengthen the vein walls. This makes them an extremely valuable herbal hemorrhoids treatment.

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